Samuel L. Jackson Refused To Work On Get Rich Or Die Tryin With 50 Cent

The often opinionated Samuel L. Jackson was once offered an undisclosed role in 50 Cent’s debut film. But Jackson quickly turned the offer down, as he didn’t want to work with the rapper who hadn’t proven himself to be a capable actor. But 50 Cent didn’t take too kindly to Jackson’s opinion.

Jackson had some choice words about 50 Cent when the Oscar-nominee was asked to do a movie with the rapper. The Pulp Fiction star already had negative feelings towards rappers getting into the film industry while not respecting the craft. He readily aired out his feelings in a resurfaced interview with Movie Web.

“ I was actually talking about the fact that producers or Hollywood people tend to think that because one is successful in one aspect of the entertainment they can bring them into this particular world and make a success out of them,” Jackson said.

He brought up being asked to star alongside 50 Cent for Get Rich or Die Tryin’ as an example of this.

“But take for instance, a month or so ago, someone called me about the 50 Cents movie and I’m like, ‘What are you calling me for, to play 50 Cents? Be in the movie with 50 Cents?’ I don’t even need to read that because that’s not something I want to do,” Jackson explained. “And when they do that, they ask people like me or some other established actor to be in a film with those particular people that they are kind of headlining and your name ends up behind them so to do that, it sanctions the fact that these people into this world and you think they are worthy of you sharing your time on screen with them. I don’t particularly think that.”

However, Jackson also asserted he harbors no ill will towards 50 Cent personally.

“I like listening to 50 Cents and I can groove to his music but I don’t want to groove to him on screen, just yet. If he does 5 movies and he shows some talent, then I’ll go, ‘That cool. Maybe I can do a movie with him.’ But come on, Jim Sheridan is going to direct the 50 Cents movie,” he explained. “How does he get to work with Jim Sheridan and I don’t! Jim Sheridan, who did In America, and what is it about 50 Cents that makes Jim Sheridan say, ‘I’d really like to make a movie with him.’ Somebody would do it but it won’t be me.”

How 50 Cent responded to Samuel L. Jackson’s comments

50 Cent didn’t agree with Jackson’s opinion of him. The Power creator went on to disparage Jackson, claiming there was no place in his debut film for the actor.

“I don’t even see where Samuel fits into my life story anyway unless he plays one of the crackheads. He was a crackhead originally, right? So I come from being a rapper, and he comes from being a crackhead,” 50 Cent told NY Daily News (via Irish Examiner.)

Eventually, 50 Cent and Jackson seemed to settle their differences. Working together in the 2006 war drama Home of the Brave certainly helped the two mend fences.

“You see his intelligence. I got a chance to put my time in and absorb some wisdom,” 50 Cent told Complex (via Irish Examiner.)

At first, those behind Home of the Brave wanted to make sure Jackson approved of them casting 50 Cent.

“They asked me when they were thinking about going with 50 Cent if it was okay, because they read all the stuff too and I was like, I read the script and it’s not like we have a lot to do together, but yeah, that’s fine,” he told Black Film.

The Avengers actor conceded he didn’t want to do anything to impede another aspiring actor’s career. However, he still didn’t approve of starring alongside unproven actors. He also hadn’t seen enough of the movie to gauge 50 Cent’s performance.

“It’s not like, ‘I hate you!’ I don’t care. It seems to be a tide I can’t stem and I am not trying to stem it, they all have a right to try and expand their careers any way that they want to, I just don’t need to expand them at my expense or at the expense of younger actors who are trying to make a living doing this job,” Jackson clarified. “I think it’s fine people do what they do. I actually haven’t seen the film, I’ve seen some of the things I do in it, but I am not really sure how good or bad or otherwise 50 Cent may be in this film.”

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